Inglis & Yankeetown, Florida


Healthy Community Initiative

Research on human behavior demonstrates that people don't change because of information, they change because of relationships. 

Developed and coordinated through one of our most active Chamber members, The Yankeetown-Inglis Women’s Club, is the Healthy Community Initiative. It was created, using a collaborative community approach, to identify areas of need and to improve the health, welfare and, quality of life in Inglis and Yankeetown. 

By bringing stakeholders together and sharing community outreach services, HCI was able to identify and plan a unified team approach to improve our support to meet the needs of our neighbors. Just two of those support services include the KidZ EatZ program and the Community Garden. 

Through HCI, many of our Chamber members, our businesses, service organizations, school, churches, town governments, and individuals have built a relationship based on trust and collaboration to create a healthy community in our towns. To volunteer or donate services, supplies, or funding, you can email:

Compass Homes and Land
Compass Homes and Land

84 HWY 40 West
Inglis FL 34449   

Pristine Properties
Pristine Properties

6302 Riverside Drive
Yankeetown FL 34498